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For example, are you able to access people, statistics, or documents from which to collect the data you need to address the question fully? Are there possibilities for documentary analysis? This question, together with your approach, will guide and structure the choice of data to be collected and analysed. If you create a clear and simple research question, you may find that it becomes more complex as you think about the situation you are studying and undertake the literature review. college application essay advice There are two traps to avoid.

You start with what interests you, and you refine it until it is workable. What kind of music production workers are the most productive: In the previous section we talked about ways to define your topic, but there is a difference between a topic and a question. paraphrasing examples english The question arises from issues raised in the literature or in practice. Todd, Bannister and Clegg, , p This student did eventually come up with a workable question and went on to complete her dissertation.

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It is important to start your thinking about the dissertation with a question rather than simply a topic heading. For example, are you filling a gap in knowledge, analysing academic assumptions or professional practice, monitoring a development in practice, comparing different approaches or testing theories within a specific population? Your question must be open to assessment, as well as interesting. Help writing dissertation questions For instance, what kind of behavior will be considered? This needs to be clear and thought-through, but it is one of the hardest parts of your work.

Hope to hear from you! Christie Obey July 21, at 4: Reviewing our criteria is an easy way to determine whether your main question is good or bad. It shows your own imagination and your ability to construct and develop research issues. Help writing dissertation questions Are you happy with your questions?

Are there any recent legal or policy changes of significance? Resources Further reading Research papers. Download Case Study 5 Devising research questions from a real geographical and social situation. Help writing dissertation questions Are there sources of secondary data that you could access? Have you discussed your topic with your supervisor?

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It is your interest that will motivate you to keep working and to produce a good dissertation. The question needs to intrigue you and maintain your interest throughout the project. custom writing sign in service uk However, a muddled question is likely to generate muddled data and equally muddled analysis. Umar sadiq June 25, at 5: Reviewing our criteria is an easy way to determine whether your main question is good or bad.

Christie Obey July 21, at 4: What are the main practice issues to consider? Are you on track with your postgraduate research?

Will there be ethical issues? It may be possible, with your supervisor, to develop a contingency plan to anticipate possible problems of access. Some questions are convenient - the best you can come up with when you are asked to state a question on a form, maybe — or perhaps the question fits in with your units so you decide it will suffice. write my english paper reddit Dzade Ruben August 13, at 3: You may have found your topic, but within that topic you must find a question, which identifies what you hope to learn.

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London, Sage, chapter 4 Footnote 1. Here one student talks about the difficulties she had: You may have found your topic, but within that topic you must find a question, which identifies what you hope to learn. Help writing dissertation questions Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Method Approaches. How might you be able to negotiate access?

Download Case Study 4 - Formulating the research question: I attend Valley view university techiman campus Ghana. For example, you can choose to conduct a theoretical study, one that does not contain analysis of empirical data. Help writing dissertation questions The question you ask must be within your ability to tackle. Can you map out the contemporary debates and critiques in the area?

You will be the one working on them! Finding a question sounds serendipitous, but research questions need to be shaped and crafted. Unfortunately, I can not help you with your research question with only such few information. Help writing dissertation questions Make a list of the skills and knowledge you bring to the research task.

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