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This is a quality post. Block or Report Block this member This member is blocked Report this list. help with research paper qualitative topics As of this writing, NerdWriter Evan Puschak has videos under his belt and is still going strong. Super basic, but really good if your new to learning about film.

Collative Learning contains long form video essays that explore various film related topics. Similar to Jacob T. help with college paper writing best president Home of the film analysis series Framing the Picture. NerdWriter might be the best damn channel on YouTube at the moment.

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Our definition is purely arbitrary, and may be rightfully disagreed with, but the intention is to best serve the community by featuring videos that users are likely to be looking for when they search for "video essays. But it can be challenging to find these gems in the sea of mediocre content. Best video essay channels on youtube Each episode focuses on one particular character actor's life and career in entertainment.

Dan Golding - Video Essays. If I need to sell you on this channel any further Tony from Every Frame a Painting has said that Nerdwriter has the best movie analysis videos on YouTube. Best video essay channels on youtube The Mirage of a Moral World.

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Sorry about the title. Specify if you want YouTube flair, Vimeo flair, or both. custom written papers on the great gatsby They're gonna casually discuss scenes from various movies of every genre that we feel don't frequently get analyzed. Grid List Published T Oops, I forgot "Max Fischer" added some of these names below; nonetheless they're worthy of a couple mentions.

Thanks for this awesome comprehensive list. These essays give great insights into the art of filmmaking and storytelling. umi dissertation services wedding This way, the essays of Every Frame A Painting function a straightforward learning tool. Video-makers who do not meet the demands of the YouTube algorithm might fall between the cracks, never to be noticed by a large audience. Swinney this channel consists only of visual video essays on the visual obsessions of certain directors.

The History of Aspect Ratio Movies I Love and so can you This channel has "review"-esque videos that go in depth on why certain films are worth loving. Legendary Animation Techniques [6: Thanks for this awesome comprehensive list. help for essay writing topics in english creative Would not have discovered this otherwise.

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Film Theorists' video essay show heavily inspired by "Every Frame a Painting". YouTube is filled with fascinating, mind blowing video-essays on films and popular culture. Best video essay channels on youtube Fandor Keyframe A channel devoted to helping fellow film enthusiasts discover amazing, hard-to-find films from all over the world. Log in or sign up in seconds.

I'd add Catherine Grant: Basically they analyse the first 10 minutes of a movie and do a play by play of what the director is trying to achieve. Another newbie on the scene, he's very much in the style of Nerdwriter but he's finding his voice fast. Best video essay channels on youtube For the purposes of this sub, we define a video essay as a written essay that is read aloud over relevant video accompaniment which seeks to analyze some media text tv, film, music, art, speech, etc. Imo, you've missed out on an entire genre of EFAP-esk video essays which should alteast have a nod-too here:

Jaws - The Discarded Image. Kogonada currently works for the Criterion Collection to create video essays. Best video essay channels on youtube Eyes Wide Shut - Renegade Cut. Superheroes, geeks and fan culture was released. Every Frame a Painting.

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